Your Panorama track from May, 2015 is another one from our March 6th (2015) gig at the Old US Mint which is operated by the Louisiana State Museum and the National Park Service.

A chocheck is a traditional dance from the Roma people ("Gypsies") of Southeastern Europe. Although the step is different, the groove is very similar to a New Orleans second line. Dig, if you will, Matt Perrine's reference to "Hey Pocky Way" in the tuba vamp behind the solos. And pay special attention to Tomas Majcherski's silky saxophone solo.

Once many years ago when our car broke down on the way to a gig in Baton Rouge, as we waited for the rescue vehicle, we got into a riff on the words "towtruck" and "chocheck". Since we never learned the actual title of this particular chocheck, the name stuck.

Ben learned the melody from California clarinetist George Chittenden who was on a swing through New Orleans with his Balkan band, Edessa back in the 90s. George had recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria and Turkey and had learned the tune there. When Ben called him up recently, however, George no longer recalled the tune or the title.

So, let's just say the folk process is well represented in this whole exchange.


from Song​-​of​-​the​-​Month Club: Good Music For You, track released April 30, 2015
Recorded March 6th, 2015 @ The Old US Mint, New Orleans, LA.
Ben Schenck - Clarinet, Tambourine
Tomas Majcherski - Alto Saxophone
Jon Ramm - Trombone
Matt Schreiber - Accordion
Patrick Mackey - Tenor Banjo
Matt Perrine - Tuba
Doug Garrison - Drums

Arranged and produced by Ben Schenck
Session engineered by Danny Kadar and Joe Stolarick at The Old US Mint. Track mixed at Oak Street Recording by Lu Rojas
Graphic design by Daniel Murphy and Ben Schenck
Cover photo by Greg Miles


all rights reserved



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